Who We Are

The Constanza Medical Mission is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It was initially affiliated with Saint Jerome's Parish in Weymouth, MA. The CMM was founded in 2005, after Saint Jerome's Deacon Joe Vitello visited the Dominican Republic and was moved by the poor conditions he saw there.

Deacon Vitello recognized that the Constanza and Tireo communities were in dire need of improved medical services, so he invited American health care providers to join him on trips to help the poor, and the Constanza Medical Mission was born. With the support of Saint Jerome's pastor, Fr. Thomas Wyndham, as well as the entire Saint Jerome's congregation, Deacon Vitello set about establishing a medical mission in the city of Constanza.

Sor Rosario and Deacon Vitello

Since 2005, we have: