Meet José Miguel

José Miguel was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a rare disease that leads to multiple joint contractures and weakness. His hands, arms, shoulders, feet, and and legs have all been affected. Despite these challenges, he walks to school every day and has learned how to write and use a computer. His condition requires many interventions.

José Miguel needs braces for both of his legs, so that he can walk more effectively and without pain. The braces cannot be produced in Constanza, so he needs to travel to the capital, a 6 hour round trip, every time they need to be adjusted. José also needs vocational training and may eventually require hand orthotics.

José Miguel, Katy Foley, and Wilson Alberto

José Miguel

José Miguel's house is in dire need of repairs. There are no stairs to his house, just a concrete ramp that is extremely slippery when it rains.

He also needs to climb a rocky path every time he needs to use the bathroom. On our next trip to Constanza, we are going to build stairs to replace these dangerous routes. We need money to pay for supplies and workers.

Concrete path leading to José's house

Path to José's bathroom

José Miguel has the support and love of his entire family. However, they do not have the funds to provide all of the care that he needs. The total cost of all of these interventions is $3000. As of today, we have raised $50 dollars. If you'd like to help José Miguel, please donate here. 100% of your donation will be directed to helping José.

José, his grandfather, and his father